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    Established in 1973‚ ELEC monitors the campaign financing of all elections in the State. Whether the election is for Governor or Mayor‚ member of the Legislature or a City Council‚ candidates and campaign organizations are required to file with the Commission contribution and expenditure reports.

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Advisory Opinions Archives 1991 to 2000

DISCLAIMER: Please note that the older advisory opinions may have been superseded by subsequent law, in particular the 1993 Amendments to the Reporting Act. In addition, the Commission may have adopted subsequent regulations and/or issued subsequent advisory opinions concerning an issue addressed in an Advisory Opinion.

Advisory Opinion 04 2000 link Reporting of contributions held in escrow.

Advisory Opinion 03 2000 link Attorney General opinion concerning prohibition on contributions from a subsidiary of a corporation that may be a regulated entity.

Advisory Opinion 02-2000 Withdrawn.

Advisory Opinion 01 2000 link Candidate participation as basis for denying Continuing Political Committee status.

Advisory Opinion 05 1999 link Use of candidate funds for meeting and reception expenses.

Advisory Opinion 04 1999 link Acceptance of Contribution from an estate.

Advisory Opinion No. 03 1999 Withdrawn.

Advisory Opinion 02 1999 link Investment of Campaign Funds.

Advisory Opinion 01 1999 link Attorney General opinion concerning prohibition on contributions from members of a credit union.

Advisory Opinion 08 1998 link Transfer of Joint Candidates Committee funds to special election fund.

Advisory Opinion No. 07 1998 Withdrawn.

Advisory Opinion 06 1998 link Candidate and public question committee ties.

Advisory Opinion 05 1998 link Use of candidate funds for campaign-related auto accident.

Advisory Opinion 04 1998 link Use of candidate funds for educational expense.

Advisory Opinion 03 1998 link Donation of goods as contribution or lobbying expenditure.

Advisory Opinion 02 1998 link Postelection refund of contribution by publicly-financed gubernatorial candidate.

Advisory Opinion No. 01 1998 Lobbying; Commission declined to respond.

Advisory Opinion 08 1997 link Candidate responsible to report as expense statements written in municipal newsletter if distributed within 90 days of election

Advisory Opinion 07 1997 link Cost of state party TV ad allocated to publicly-financed gubernatorial candidate expenditure limit.

Advisory Opinion 06 1997 link Campaign funds usability for spouse and children accompanying officeholder on trip in carrying out duties of office.

Advisory Opinion 05 1997 link Can contributions by credit card be accepted for matching funds?

Advisory Opinion 04 1997 link Can candidate committee of elected candidate be subject to contribution limits in giving to other candidates in runoff who were part of slate. Contributions made by credit card and could they slate.

Advisory Opinion 03 1997 Withdrawn

Advisory Opinion 02 1997 link Can a NJ PAC receive contributions from an out of state and federal PAC? - Referred to OAG

Advisory Opinion 01 1997 link Lobbyist organization reporting employer contributions for benefits as wages and compensation

Advisory Opinion 08 1996 link Winning raffle ticket purchased with campaign funds & disposition of potential winnings.

Advisory Opinion 07 1996 link Insurance company employees establishing a CPC without violating restrictions by regulated industries. Referred to OAG 

Advisory Opinion 06 1996 link Using candidate committee funds to produce and distribute County Commissioners annual report.

Advisory Opinion 05 1996 link Lobbying disclosure and state exemption for communications regarding regulations.

Advisory Opinion 04 1996 link Transfer campaign funds in Assembly election to a future State Senate campaign.

Advisory Opinion 03 1996 link Reporting funds for birthday party of elected official with no proceeds for campaign.

Advisory Opinion 02 1996 link Legislators establishing ideological organization.

Advisory Opinion 01 1996 link Allocating contribution to state party under state and federal accounts.

Advisory Opinion 13 1995 link Can officeholder use campaign funds for legal defense and establish a legal defense fund.

Advisory Opinion 12 1995 link Can a governor participate in a federal Nonconnected committee -- Would a communication committee be a reportable contribution.

Advisory Opinion 11 1995 link Are organizations comprised of local officials bound by Lobbying Act?

Advisory Opinion 10 1995 link Contributions by regulated companies. Referred to OAG

Advisory Opinion 09 1995 link Can withdrawn candidate transfer money to a CPC that he and his supporters start? 

Advisory Opinion 08 1995 link Contributions by non-majority shareholders of regulated companies. Referred to OAG

Advisory Opinion 07 1995 link Reporting and contribution limits for retiring Assembly member.

Advisory Opinion 06 1995 link Using Assembly campaign funds and contributions limits in Senate special election.

Advisory Opinion 05 1995 link Unopposed candidates in primary subject to report constituent communications within 90 days of primary.

Advisory Opinion 04 1995 link Leftover campaign funds to be used in seeking a campaign for county party office.

Advisory Opinion 03 1995 link Candidate serving as treasurer of county party committee.

Advisory Opinion 02 1995 link Use of campaign funds to purchase TV and establish cable service for Legislative office.

Advisory Opinion 01 1995 link Donation of campaign funds to help with medical expenses of a family.

Advisory Opinion 11 1994 link Reimbursement from state agency to attend conference as representative of Governor and reporting requirements.

Advisory Opinion 10 1994 link Using campaign funds for post election litigation.

Advisory Opinion 09 1994 link Officeholder using campaign funds to attend Natl. conference of  State Legislators.

Advisory Opinion 08 1994 link Candidate role in neighborhood association.

Advisory Opinion 07 1994 link Candidate as "honorary chair" of CPC and what role can candidate play in that CPC.  

Advisory Opinion 06 1994 link Officeholder using campaign funds to attend conference educational in nature.

Advisory Opinion 05 1994 link Candidate accepting contributions to pay off debt from prior election as well as accepting contributions for new campaign.

Advisory Opinion 04 1994 link Former officeholder with more than one political fund - can it be consolidated into a single CPC account.

Advisory Opinion 03 1994 link Cogeneration companies and political contributions. Referred to OAG

Advisory Opinion 02 1994 link Purchasing newspapers and periodicals with campaign funds.

Advisory Opinion 01 1994 link Reimbursing officeholder with campaign funds for travel, communication and entertainment expenses related to office holding.

Advisory Opinion 13 1993 link State party committee helping to pay transition for Gov. elect and party activities for Governor.  

Advisory Opinion 12 1993 link Donations of cash for swearing in reception of officeholder and Act.

Advisory Opinion 11 1993 link Post election spending by gubernatorial candidate, litigation, depositing checks received after 10 days of receipt.

Advisory Opinion 10 1993 link Inaugural committee accepting loan over contribution limit from state party committee and transferring proceeds to state party committee.

Advisory Opinion 09 1993 link Contributions from company with federal bank charter.

Advisory Opinion 08 1993 link State party committee establishing depository committee for general election expenditures and election cycle reporting requirements.

Advisory Opinion 07 1993 link Direct mail by state party committee mentioning/referring to Governor of opposite party and gubernatorial contribution/expenditure limits

Advisory Opinion 06 1993 link Candidates' column in newspaper and in-kind contributions.

Advisory Opinion 05 1993 link Committee reimbursing candidate after election for expenses not reported as obligations.

Advisory Opinion 04 1993 link State party independent expenditures and general election spending limits.

Advisory Opinion 03 1993 link Seeking party endorsement and reporting.

Advisory Opinion 02 1993 link Media activity of state party committee and gubernatorial expenditure/contribution limits.

Advisory Opinion 01 1993 link Civic association of elected officeholder and reporting obligations.

Advisory Opinion 11 1992 link Use of campaign funds to make charitable loan.

Advisory Opinion 10 1992 link Candidate committee paying for meals of legislators.

Advisory Opinion 09 1992 link State party committee accepting funds from national party congressional campaign committee and some of latter committee funds raised by sources not allowed in NJ

Advisory OpinioNon . 08 1992 link CPC paying travel and lodging costs for delegates at national party convention.

Advisory Opinion 07 1992 link Lobbyist providing food bags to delegates at national party convention and reporting.

Advisory Opinion 06 1992 link Representatives of companies on "task forces" and whether they have to file as legislative agents.

Advisory Opinion 05 1992 link Complimentary tickets to political events and reporting.

Advisory Opinion 04 1992 link Filing lobbyist representation notice for pro bono clients and for Attorney who works on issue for client but makes no testimony.

Advisory Opinion 03 1992 link Official attending event organized by trade association and Lobbying Act, also reporting requirements if state asks organization to host event.

Advisory Opinion 02 1992 link Using excess campaign funds to pay taxes on dividends generated by surplus funds.

Advisory Opinion 01 1992 link Campaign funds and post election litigation and Act.

Advisory Opinion 07 1991 link Use of personal PAC for remaining funds of former elected officeholder for tickets to events and dinners.

Advisory Opinion 06 1991 link Withdrawn

Advisory Opinion 05 1991 link Employee PAC using facilities and services of regulated company.

Advisory Opinion 04 1991 link Party club, not local party CPC filing if it publishes names of candidates in newsletter.

Advisory Opinion No. 03 1991 Withdrawn

Advisory Opinion 02 1991 link County Commissioner reporting appearing on television program produced partially at county expense.

Advisory Opinion 01 1991 link Does insurance company have reporting obligations after distributing letter from Governor?